MWA stops using plastic cap seals on ‘Papa’ water bottles

Ms. Sranya Sinamphet, Assistant Governor of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA), acting as a spokesperson on behalf of MWA, revealed that in line with the government’s policy to cease the using of unnecessary plastic cap seals on water bottles in order to reduce the volume of plastic waste, which is easily spread into the environment and poses a threat to aquatic wildlife, MWA, the producer of ‘Papa’ bottled water, is committed to solve the problem and has removed cap seals on its water bottles. The measure aims to promote and support the consumption of bottled water without plastic cap seals to help reduce the volume of plastic waste.

Ms. Sranya added that MWA has produced bottled water under the ‘Papa’ trademark since 2004 using ozone technology to produce good-tasting water and to meet the drinking water standard of the World Health Organization (WHO). ‘Papa’ drinking water is a non-profit and affordable alternative for the public and comes in three sizes comprising 350 ml (Bt42 for a dozen), 600 ml (Bt45 for a dozen) and 1,500 ml (Bt46 for a pack of six). People can buy ‘Papa’ wholesale or retail at MWA Head Office and 18 branch offices.