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Tap Water

Good Quality, the Most Affordable, 24 Hours Delivery
"Water is Life", given by His Majesty the King, are the precious words that we always keep in mind. It is the great inspiration of MWA to make high-efficiency production, transmission, as well as distribution in order to serve people with good quality water.

Nobody can deny that water is a part of everyday life. Bathing, tooth brushing, and a lot of daily activities depend on water. Yet, water is harmless to any body. That is why water is good for everybody.

Regarding MWA's water, the water has been passed through several processes before reaching consumers' houses. Raw water from the Chao Phraya river and Mae Klong river is treated by precipitation, filter, and disinfection process. Moreover, the water was proved that it met the WHO's standard. As a result, it ensures that the tap water distributed to houses is clean and safe for drinking.

Quality Control
Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health together with Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, which takes care of public health, have tested and approved that MWA's water in every MWA's service areas is clean and safe to drink. It was officially announced since May 1999.

MWA takes care of quality control in the distribution process by carefully testing of distributed water in every service areas. We strictly follows the WHO's standard, i.e., making not less than one sampling per 10,000 consumers.

Water Tariff
Approximately, 1 cu.m. of tap water, equal to 1,000 litres, costs 10 baht. To illustrate, think of 1,000 bottles of 1 litre water, you can buy them with only 10 baht. In other words, a bottle of 1 litre water costs only 0.01 baht.

Believe it or not, the water we are consuming the whole day costs only 2-3 baht per person. Average water tariff of MWA is 10 baht per cu.m. It is cheaper than other utilities' tariff.
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