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Bottled Water

PAPA : MWA's Bottled Water

According to the policy given by the Prime Minister Taksin Shinnawatra, MWA has recently produced and launched the bottled water "PAPA" to the market. The objectives of the project are to provide good quality bottled water with low price to people, to help people earn more by selling PAPA, and to keep the price of bottled water in the market not too high.

A bottle of PAPA contains 600 c.c. of water. The water is good quality tap water that has been passed through high efficiency filter as well as ozone treating process. PAPA is, therefore, safe, clean, and not smelly.

PAPA is now available for sale at either the head office or branch offices. The price for a dozen of 600 c.c. bottle is 45 baht. It is affordable and suitable for any purposes.

For more information: Call 1125 or Branch Offices
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